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  Zumrud Residence, built parallel to the Heydar Aliyev Center and Congress Hall, is located on an area of 4 hectares. It is a premium residential complex consisting of 7 buildings.

  Insulation of the facade of the complex is made of stone wool and facade paint, panoramic windows model stained glass, blocks are made of cermogranite and marble.

  Mitsubishi Electric elevators manufactured in Thailand are located at the entrance to each cargo and passenger block. Please note that these elevators are fast and quiet. Access to the complex and blocks is possible using a coding system. For the safety of our residents, access of unauthorized persons and vehicles to the territory of the complex is limited.

What is included in the internal infrastructure of the complex?
  24-hour security and reception service, 360° panoramic night vision camera, decorative fountain, indoor swimming pool, beauty salon, fitness room, spa center, soccer field, outdoor sports corner, Bravo supermarket, pharmacy, educational garden "Eureka Montessori" and school , parking lot of 4 hectares and other important public facilities.

  Our unique capital project, built in the style of a closed city, with an ideal location, is located in a prestigious area of the city, next to the Heydar Aliyev Center, at the intersection of Narimanov district, Tabriz and K.Rahimov streets. Zumrud Residence, built according to the requirements of the premium segment class, is an exciting project, carefully thought out and created as a result of the efforts of our professional staff.

  At Zumrud Residence, premium apartments are waiting for each of you, which can be purchased with an interest-free internal loan for 12 months. Our team is very glad to witness the happy moments of our residents. If you too wish to live in a premium project, in a fully finished complex, come to our office without wasting time, with your ID card and witness the beauty of Zumrud.

Our complex covers an area of 4 hectares AREA OF 4 HECTARES
Premium complex of 7 buildings 7 BUILDINGS
High-rise buildings 17 STORY BUILDINGS
Spacious and bright apartments 600+ APARTMENTS

Zumrud Residence

Zumrud Residence

Zumrud Residence

ZUMRUD Residence residential complex, built on the concept of a closed city, is located in the city of Baku, Narimanov district, in close proximity to the Heydar Aliyev Center and Congress Hall.


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If you too wish to live in a premium project in a fully completed complex, come to our office without wasting any time, with your ID and witness the beauty of ZUMRUD.

Zumrud Residence
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